Friday, November 20, 2009

Track Cycling 2009 UCI World Cup Classic

Sage has set up ice baths at the World Cup Track cycling classic. Simular to our Sun Tour neutral recovery, all riders are able to take advantage of the ice baths to aid their recovery.
The Australians & Kiwis used the baths throughout the event.

“Thanks very much for making the baths available to our athletes. They
no doubt contributed to what was a very successful few days for the
sprinters who utilized the baths as often as was practical.”

David Hayes – Australian Track Team
Cycling Physiotherapist and Physical Therapies Team Leader.

The Kiwi's also used the baths - "We used the baths extensively and the guys really liked them."
Mark Hollands
BSc, BPhEd, BPhty(credit), PGDipSportsMed
Active Health QEII